Ethics Policy

StackNexo LLP (also known as “The Sigma Hunt” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) is firmly committed to transparency and dignified conduct in all of its dealings. We are regulated and guided by the underlying principles outlined in Our Code of Ethics, which We have included here for your convenience.


The Sigma Hunt started filling the void left by mainstream media due to the disparity between what the media reported and what the general population understood.

We also desire to slow down the rate at which ‘entertainment news’ is released, which frequently contributes to the spread of erroneous or inaccurate information in society.

We adhere to specific ethical values to fulfill Our vision and objective and be the most trustworthy platform for people to acquire news and information on the essential subjects.

Ethical Guidelines

In furtherance of Our stated aim and Our pursuit of being the most trustworthy platform for people to acquire entertainment news and information on important subjects, We have embraced the following principles:

Be a neutral platform that fosters discourse and allows people from various backgrounds and political leanings to come together, discuss, and solve issues that are important to them.

Present the most up-to-date critical information accessible at the time. We’re covering a specific topic.

Credit is available whenever it is required or applicable. Plagiarism, in any form, is undesirable and illegal.

Strive for issues that are balanced, unbiased, and reasonable.

Maintain a clear line of separation between business interests and journalistic decisions. Business interests should never take precedence over editorial decisions.

Instead of entertainment news, provide reliable facts. If there is insufficient information, we will wait before releasing it and not guess.

Include a variety of perspectives in the story to make it fair and balanced.

In the event of an error, issue a public apology and correct the fault.

If an article is not from an editorial and is an advertisement/advertorial, publicize or mention it right away.

Maintain your strength and resolve in the face of pressure from those in positions of authority. Stand by the editorial in the event of a legal dispute or harassment.